Boundary Surveys:

What do we do?

Boundaries are created and altered by the land owners. Our responsibility is to evaluate the available evidence to determine where the boundary was created and what the land owners have done since that time to perpetuate and/or alter the boundary. 

There are a number of factors that determine the location of a boundary. Records are researched to determine how the boundary was created and how it may have been altered afterwords. Field research is done to determine existing monuments and usage that may influence the boundary location. Sometimes it is necessary to talk with neighbors to better understand the history of the boundary and to learn of monuments or usage that has changed or disappeared. The evidence is then evaluated to determine where, in our expert opinion, the boundary is. It is not uncommon for there to be conflicting evidence regarding a boundary. Sometimes, we can resolve these conflicts by using established rules. Other times, it may involve working with you and your neighbor(s) to resolve the conflict. While we can help you understand the evidence and rules we used to determine a boundary, we are not allowed to prepare legal documents or advocate the application of particular rules to favor one side. In some circumstances, you may need an attorney to provide these services.

Normally on a boundary survey, we will set one of two different monuments at the property corner. If the corner falls in dirt or asphalt, we will set a 5/8” iron rebar with a yellow cap marked ‘STRATTON 10677’ at the actual corner and a stake next to it to make it easy to find. If the corner falls in concrete, we will drill a small hole in the concrete, fill the hole with lead, and then place a nail and brass washer labeled ‘LS 10677’ at the property corner. We will paint a white circle around the corner to make it easy to find. Occasionally, a corner will fall in a fence post, tree, building, water or other obstacle where it is impractical to set a monument. In these situations, we may set a variety of markers to best mark the boundary. 10677 is Rob’s Idaho Land Surveyor’s number. This number will be different for different states and different surveyors.

Note that we may set monuments at angle points and at the ends of curves. Sometimes these corners fall close to main corners of the property. Please review the survey while the markers are fresh to understand their relationship to the boundary. If you are unsure which markers are which, please contact us to help you understand them.

If a record of survey is not required, your invoice will be your receipt that your property was surveyed by our company. You should store a copy of this statement with your other records concerning your property.

Encroachments and discrepancies:

There are a variety of issues that can effect what you legally own. Some of the more common issues are:

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact us.

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